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Bruise - Cascade

The last time I wrote about Bruise was back in 2021 when they crafted an immaculate rework of Raf Rundell's 'Always Fly'. Back then, I said they had the knack for pitching things at precisely the right level, creating maximum impact with just the right amount of elements. It's a skill that few producers manage (and can do well). New tune 'Cascade' is proof of that, starting slowly, with some beautifully layered percussion, and building towards a glorious breakdown full of running piano lines that more than live up to the track's name. This has quality stamped all over it.

Homework #1: Raf Rundell - Always Fly (Bruise Remix) /

Homework #2: Bruise - When Pianos Attack /

Homework #3: PRVNA ft KdotMelody - Believe /

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