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Bree Runway ft. Missy Elliott - ATM

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

This is an absolute beast. There's zero doubt whatsoever that the early 2000s Timbaland sound has been a considerable influence here. The beats in this single are spectacularly tight, with a colossal bassline holding everything together. Bree Runway has a massive amount of confidence, all 100% justified, and performs the hell out of the track. But when you also add in a guest spot from the legend that is Missy Elliot into the mix and you get something that is genuinely next level. It's a total fucking monster from start to finish. One of the best singles of the year.

Homework #1: Bree Runway - Little Nokia /

Homework #2: BR, Yung Baby Tate - DAMN DANIEL /

Homework #3: Bree Runway, Maliibu Miitch - GUCCI /

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