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Breakbot - Translight

Admin first, a translight is that screen they project fake roads and traffic on to when their filming actors 'driving' cars. So now you know. From the same stable as Cassius, Justice, and other purveyors of cool as fuck dance music and tucked away on the b-side of the equally excellent 'Be Mine Tonight', this is a premium slice of late-night Nu Disco from Breakbot. If you're already a fan of the Fred Falke or Lifelike style of remix, this is in the same ballpark. Albeit with slightly more of an organic twist to it, which plays to its favour.

Homework #1: Moon Boots - Keep The Faith (Lifelike) /

Homework #2: Fred Falke, Zen Freeman - Underground /

Homework #3: Alan Braxe, Fred Falke - Intro /

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