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Blu DeTiger & Biig Piig - Crash Course

Any music lover with a functioning pair of ears knows that Blu DeTiger and Biig Piig have already reached insane levels of cool in their own right through a string of excellent releases and collaborations. So it stands to reason that now that they have decided to get together and record something, whatever they produce will be pretty special, but I wasn't expecting anything as phenomenal as this. 'Crash Course' is easily one of the year's best pop songs. Their laconic vocal styles combine perfectly over a quirky and addictive, bass-heavy track. You won't be able to put it down.

Homework #1: Blu DeTiger - Hot Crush Lover /

Homework #2: Biig Piig - Don't Turn Around /

Homework #3: Lava La Rue ft. Biig Piig - Hi-Fidelity /

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