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Blood Everywhere - Other Parts Of The Country

For the electronically minded amongst you, the new Blood Everywhere album 'Perseverance' is 100% worth your time. It's a heady mix of electronica styles, spun into gold by the musical encyclopaedia that is Ian Wade. It's such a substantial collection that I could have picked any of the tracks to review. But as the nature of this blog (and my poorly wired brain) is songs and not albums, I've singled out the exceptional 'Other Parts Of The Country' to share with you. It's a gorgeous slice of Underworld-ish house which makes my insides wiggle about in just the right way.

Track Link:

Album Link:

Homework #1: Blood Everywhere - DJ (Mince Lemonade) /

Homework #2: Blood Everywhere - High Boob Count /

Homework #3: Blood Everywhere - Man Drag /

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