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Billy Porter - Children

Billy Porter, star of Pose and almost any red carpet you can think of, is on the verge of becoming a committed anglophile and setting down roots in London. Part of his initiation has involved hooking up with MNEK and Little Mix's Jade Thirwell to get a crash course in the UK Pop scene, resulting in this brand new single 'Children'. As you'd expect, it's a shiny, unapologetic, Shapeshifters style Disco-infused number that does nothing less than preach the Gospel of Pray Tell from on high. Showcasing his Broadway vocals perfectly, it'll have you reaching for your glitter in seconds.

Homework #1: Shapeshifters & Billy Porter - Finally Ready /

Homework #2: Martha Wash - Carry On /

Homework #3: Ministers De La Funk - Believe /

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