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Billy Nomates - Heels

I first heard of Billy Nomates following her collaboration with Sleaford Mods. Although I'm not really a fan of theirs, she stood out amongst the noise, so I thought I'd give her new single 'Heels' a spin, and, fuck me, it's brilliant. There is real power here from start to finish. It's a killer pop song, albeit in a spiky casing. Aggressively looped drums set the tone from the beginning, swiftly followed by a snarling and powerful vocal that smashes home a message of self-empowerment in these current tough times, including a genuinely unforgettable hook. This is punk as fuck.

Homework #1: Sleaford Mods Billy Nomates - Mork n Mindy /

Homework #2: Billy Nomates - No /

Homework #3: Billy Nomates - Hippy Elite /

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