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Betty Boo - Get Me To The Weekend

Facts are facts. Betty Boo is the single most perfect pop star that has ever graced this planet. It's been over thirty years, but I still get just as excited listening to 'Boo's Boogie' now as I did back then. So, I was both ecstatic and terrified when this brand new track arrived. Full disclosure, I didn't immediately love it. It felt different. But, after a few dozen listens, and thanks in no small part to that Human League sample, I can confirm that this is a cracking pop song on every level. A warm welcome back into the Booniverse.

Homework #1: Betty Boo - Don't Know What To Do /

Homework #2: Wigwam - Wigwam /

Homework #3: Jack Rokka ft. Betty Boo - Take Off /

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