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Benny Sings ft. Marc Rebillet, Mooky & Cola Boy - Beat 100

Benny Sings might not be a name you are familiar with, but you 100% should be. He's a Dutch producer who's been banging out quality R&B, Soul & Pop influenced albums for not far off twenty years now (go and check out his catalogue). He knows his way around beats and bass and loves a collaboration. He has teamed up with Mooky, Marc Rebillet, and my current obsession, Cola Boy, for the excellent new track 'Beat 100'. It has a laidback De La Soul / Tribe Called Quest vibe and takes me back to being a teenager all over again.

Homework #1: Benny Sings - Not Enough /

Homework #2: Benny Sings - Big Brown Eyes /

Homework #3: Benny Sings - One Of These Hearts /

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