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bbno$ - it boy

I'd wiped 'Edamame' from my memory (unlike everyone who has contributed to the almost half a billion plays on Spotify, apparently). It was a decent enough tune, but I wasn't really a fan. However, bbno$'s new track 'it boy' grabbed me by the bits and won't let go. He calls himself 'The Gen Z Eminem.' I wouldn't go that far, but this is a beast of a single that never falls below 100mph. The beats, bass, and vocals are relentless and insanely addictive, dragging you along for the ride. This one will take up space in your brain for weeks.

Homework 1 | bbno$ & Rich Brian - Edamame /

Homework 2 | Boys Noize ft. Jake Shears - All I Want /

Homework 3 | Mella Dee ft Bernard Sumner - Riptide /

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