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Baxter Dury - Say Nothing (Minsky Rock Remix)

That supposedly massive track Baxter Dury did a couple of years ago (I think it was called 'Miami'?) passed me by completely. I thought it was boring. But the more recent stuff has got my attention. The album version of 'Say Nothing' is quality, but this Minsky Rock remix is even better. It's raunchy as fuck and chaotic in all the right places. Parts of it feel like the theme tune for The Clothes Show that the Pet Shop Boys did. Albeit a remake smashed off its face on strong lager and poppers. Listen to the excellent Wrongtom dub, too.

Homework #1: Pet Shop Boys - In The Night (Extended) /

Homework #2: Baxter Dury - Miami /

Homework #3: Ian Dury - Reasons To Be Cheerful Part III /

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