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Baauer, Bipolar Sunshine - HOME (Special Request Remix)

You know that feeling you sometimes get when you hear the perfect song for the first time. That instant feeling that your having something pretty special enter your life. Everyone reacts differently to great music. For me, it starts in my tummy and then quickly radiates out to the rest of my body. Warming me from head to toe and giving me the widest of grins. Which is precisely the reaction I've had every time I've heard this remix of 'HOME'. It's a beautifully crafted, soul-tinged, breakbeat led track with some dreamlike vocals from Bipolar Sunshine. Nothing short of stunning. Track Link:

Homework #1: Jamie XX - Loud Places (ft. Romy) /

Homework #2: Kwabs - Perfect Ruin /

Homework #3: Petula Clark - Cut Copy Me /

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