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AURAGRAPH - 666 Ambience

I am confident some of you are old enough to remember the Deep Heat compilation albums from the late '80s. Those double cassette packs were my gateway into Underground House. I spent hours holed up in my bedroom listening to them. At the time, they were full of the most exciting music I had ever heard. Tracks from Fast Eddie, Derrick May, and A Guy Called Gerald drove me crazy. Fast forward to now, and '666 Ambience' from LA-based producer AURAGRAPH is a killer slice of Acid, complete with the essential 'Woo-Yeahs, that evokes many happy memories for me. Tune.

Homework #1: AURAGRAPH - Depersonalisation /

Homework #2: Rhythim Is Rhythim - Beyond The Dance /

Homework #3: Fast Eddie - Yo Yo Get Funky /

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