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Arielle Free ft. Jake Shears - Technicolour Kenny

Keep it to yourself, but I think Kenny Loggins is stalking me. I hear either 'Danger Zone' or 'Footloose' at least twice a week, and they always mention him whenever I tune into Family Guy, so that's the only reasonable explanation, right? If you need further evidence, I give you 'Technicolour Kenny', the quality new single from Scottish Radio 1 DJ Arielle Free. It samples his brilliant 1977 track, 'I Believe In Love' combined with additional vocals from Jake Shears and a solid, deep House groove, and the result is one of my favourite festival-ready dance tunes of the summer.

Homework #1: Kenny Loggins - I Believe In Love /

Homework #2: Arielle Free - You Can't Stop Me /

Homework #3: Jake Shears ft. Kylie Minogue - Voices /

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