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Ariana Grande - yes, and?

It worked for Beyoncé (but not so much for Drake), so it makes sense that other global Pop acts want to follow suit and unveil a previously unannounced love of House Music. A bit cynical of me? Perhaps. But thankfully, this new Ariana Grande single smashes it out of the park. As someone around when C&C Music Factory, David Morales, and many others were pumping out quality tracks and remixes like this, it's joyous to hear her embrace that sound and share it with a younger audience. Here's hoping the rest of her upcoming material is as good as this!

Homework #1 | Janet Jackson - Because... (Frankie & David) /

Homework #2 | Natalie Cole - Pink Cadillac (C&C Remix) /

Homework #3 | Robert Owens - I'll Be Your... (Def Mix) /

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