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Ari Lennox - Waste My Time

In some of the circles I move in, the Arrival of the new Ari Lennox album has been talked about in excited tones for months. Almost as if it's the biggest and best present you'll ever find under the tree on Christmas Day. Listening to 'Waste My Time', I can 100% see why they feel the way they do. Lyrically, it's a masterpiece. Starting with "No dick makin' me stupid / No funny Valentine-lovin' from Cupid". I mean, come on! That's perfection right there. Pair that with incredible vocals, tight harmonies and a bass-heavy 90s R&B track, and you've struck gold.

Track Link:

Homework #1: Ari Lennox - Pressure /

Homework #2: Ari Lennox / Summer Walker - Queen Space /

Homework #3: Ari Lennox - Hoodie /

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