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Annie - The Streets Where I Belong (F9 Remix)

Some of the most average tracks on the planet have been transformed into masterpieces by a careful hand, delivering the right remix. Think The Freemasons or Digital Dog, both of whom seem to have a flair for the magnificent, even with less than inspiring source material. You can now also add F9 to that list because this is a fantastic rework of Annie's new single. The songs from her new album I've heard so far have been darker than her older stuff. So it's great to hear her firmly back on the dancefloor giving me the POP hit I need.

Homework #1: Beyonce - Ring The Alarm (Freemasons) /

Homework #2: U2 - Even Better Than... (Perfecto) /

Homework #3: Taylor Swift - Love Story (Digital Dog) /

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