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Anish Kumar - Little Miss Dynamite

Updated: May 17, 2023

Anish Kumar is a talented producer from the North of England who released the massive 'Hummingbird' last year. It's a beautiful slice of upbeat, melodic House that you'll find hard not to fall in love with from the second you hear it. (check out the link below). He's just dropped a new tune called 'Little Miss Dynamite', which is a relatively simple affair. Built around a 1960s Brenda Lee sample, it's the dictionary definition of an earworm and addictive beyond belief. It's also caught the ear of Annie Mac and others, so expect to catch this everywhere throughout the summer.

Homework #1: Anish Kumar - Hummingbird /

Homework #2: Brenda Lee - Is It True /

Homework #3: Minnie Ripperton - The Edge... (AG Remix) /

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