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Allie X - Super Duper Party People (Cousn Remix)

I have followed Canada's finest Allie X since 2014 when 'Prime' was nearly my single of the year. She has been delivering brilliant pop since then, and this is no exception. 'Super Duper Party People' is a fun little track from her most recent album, a sort of spoken word trip around a party she's at with her trademark ethereal chorus. It's been given a couple of strong remixes here by Alan Braxe (a high-quality featherlight version of 'Get Lucky') and a great rework by Bristol's Cousn, which is more dancefloor heavy and is the better of the two tracks.

Homework #1: Allie X - Super Duper... (Alan Braxe Remix) /

Homework #2: Alan Braxe - Voices /

Homework #3: Allie X - Prime /

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