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Allie X - Black Eye

I have been following the evolution of Allie X for about a decade now, and she's one of the few acts out there that thrills me each time she unleashes new music. Some people spend a lifetime trying to make Pop as good as this, but she has never released anything less than magnificent. Take 'Black Eye', for example. It's a mix of New Order's 'Blue Monday', every 1980s Hi-NRG number you can think of, some batshit crazy, almost Goth vocals, with the synth stabs from Sinitta's 'So Macho' thrown into the mix. What's not to love? You need this.

Homework #1: Allie X - Prime /

Homework #2: Allie X - Hello /

Homework #3: Allie X - Super Duper Party People /

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