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Alison Ponthier - Faking My Own Death

Fresh from a string of superb singles and providing a guest vocal for the excellent 'I Lied' by Lord Huron, Alison Ponthier's 'Faking My Own Death' heads up her new six-track EP, and it's drop-dead gorgeous. She has a pure, tranquil quality to her voice that immediately puts you at ease, so you can't help but buy into every word she sings. The songs are great, too. Think Kacey Musgraves, but a tiny bit less Country. Also, her visual work, including this video, is next level amazing. It's surely only a matter of time before she will be absolutely everywhere.

Homework #1: Alison Ponthier - Cowboy /

Homework #2: Lord Huron ft. Alison Ponthier - I Lied /

Homework #3: Alison Ponthier - Harshest Critic /

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