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Alison Goldfrapp & Claptone - Digging Deeper

In what was probably the world's worst-kept secret due to the constant stream of guest spots she was making on other people's music, Alison Goldfrapp has started to release material as a solo artist. To kick things off, she has teamed up with Claptone, and the results are... just alright. It's a standard house track that does everything right but never in a particularly exciting way. Looking back on the stellar remixes her band used to have on every single, it puzzles me why she has taken such a safe route. Here's hoping that there's something better around the corner.

Homework #1: Goldfrapp - Ride A White... (Ewan Pearson) /

Homework #2: Goldfrapp - Twist (Kurtis Mantronik) /

Homework #3: Goldfrapp - Strict Machine (Benny Benassi) /

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