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Alfie Templeman - Obvious Guy (From the 'Happiness...' EP)

Templeman is only seventeen years old and knows his way around a tune. Each of these tracks is strong and confident, but I can't help but think that as a whole thing, it's a bit safe. It's more like a pre-packaged showcase, referencing a lot of other successful acts who are out there already. Don't get me wrong; these are great ditties. But I just reckon that he's got some blinding stuff in him that we're yet to see. He has lined up some songwriting time with The Vaccines, and we'll see if that will bear some more exciting fruit.

Homework #1: Alfie Templeman- Happiness in Liquid Form /

Homework #2: The Kooks - Around Town /

Homework #3: Foster The People - Best Friend /

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