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Alfie Templeman - Candyfloss

The current Alfie Templeman track of choice is 'Colour Me Blue', which is ok, and was recently part of the Radio 1 Playlist. But another of his songs, 'Candyfloss', has caught my attention, and it is probably my favourite single from him so far. This one kicks off with a retro synth line that is so huge that the 1980s has just called and asked if it's ever coming home again. You've also got an excellent pop song alongside that mammoth hook, and if it had been recorded and released by Messers Styles or Sheeran, it would have been everywhere.

Homework #1: Alfie Templeman - Colour Me Blue /

Homework #2: Alfie Templeman - Circles /

Homework #3: Alfie Templeman - Obvious Guy /

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