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Alan Dixon - Acid Drop

I've got a bit of a musical crush on Alan Dixon. There isn't a single thing he has released or remixed that I've not loved the tits off. Thankfully, this new release on Gerd Jansen's label is going to do nothing to change that. It's an absolute belter and is one of the best house tracks you'll hear all year. From the very beginning, there's no messing about, You get driving beats and a killer electro bassline. When the piano drop the track is built around lands it's game over and you'll probably either faint or pee your pants. Perfection. Track Link:

Homework #1: Alan Dixon - Motel 4000 /

Homework #2: Alan Dixon - Bless Me Today /

Homework #3: Faze Action - Sununguka (AD Italo Mix) /

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