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Acolyte - Lakota (From The Lakota EP)

Time for even more excellence from the recently mentioned Alan Dixon's fantastic Love Attack imprint. Next up, it's Acolyte with a distinct 90s Balearic breakbeat feel to it. It's giving me updated Blow Monkey's 'La Passionara' vibes. There's some really gorgeous production at play here. It's got a beautifully warm and effortless feeling to it. I'd prefer to think that this was named after the Bristol clubbing landmark I spent many wasted nights in back then, but sadly I don't believe that's the case. That aside, it's still an absolutely blinding track on an EP packed full of quality music.

Homework #1: Acolyte - Lakota (Shubostar Remix) /

Homework #2: Blow Monkeys - La Passionara /

Homework #3: Acolyte - Circles (Radio Edit) /

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