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Abimaro - Tell Me

Oh, my heart is so full right now. The last time we heard from Abimaro was in 2021. Within twelve months, she delivered 'Parasols', 'Better', and 'Without You', three of my favourite songs from then (and still part of my regular rotation). Thankfully, she's back and is as fantastic as ever with her new single, 'Tell Me'. It's gorgeous, with stripped-back production and genius vocal treatments that let her warm, soulful vocals shine. Everything she touches oozes quality, and this is no different. Many artists make music, but few deliver beauty like this with every track they release. Welcome back!

Homework 1 | Abimaro - Without You /

Homework 2 | Abimaro - Better /

Homework 3 | Abimaro - Parasols /

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