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A Skillz & Krafty Kuts ft. Gizelle Smith - Lit Up

Unsurprisingly, I've got a lot of friends who are totally into music. I love this time of year because I can browse their 'Best of...' lists, see where we have crossed over, and find out if I've missed anything. So far, there's only really been one thing I wasn't aware of that is worthy of One Hundred Words, and it's this certified bumper of a track from A Skillz & Krafty Kuts. While I'm definitely glad I've found it now. I wish I'd had the chance to dance to this in a bar during the summer. It's a fucking tune.

Homework #1: A Skillz ft. Krafty Kuts - Happiness /

Homework #2: Lorde - Royals (A Skillz Edit) /

Homework #2: Krafty Kuts - Hustle /

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